Support, & Community

For Remote Learners (age 10-19).

Daily Goal Setting and Accountability.

Convenient, Beautiful Location.

Great Outdoor Spaces.

Caring Guidance.

How does that sound to you?

The Aspire High Fellowship Program

Aspire High has an incredible offering for this moment in time.  The Aspire High Fellowship Program provides structure, support, and community for remote learners (ages 10-19) in the '20-'21 school year.

Teens and pre-teens need support right now.  They need community.  They need fun!  They need a space to go to and a peer learning community that feels good.  They need real conversation about the world and school with peers and a professional educator.  They also need accountability and the personal connection with an educator that will be difficult to create in a remote format, often with teachers that they barely know.  


At the incredible co-working space of Haw Creek Commons, we have a single, self-contained pod of up to 15 students and 1 mentor.  Students each have their own workstation in the Sanctuary to do their individual, remote work.  There is also separate co-working space for group work or online classes that require oral participation.  Students are free to work or socialize in great outdoor spaces anytime.    

Students get daily personalized support from a highly qualified mentor, meet for a Community Circle each day to check-in with themselves and each other, have weekly individual 30-minute mentoring sessions, and are required to send an email each week to their parents detailing their successes and challenges in classes and life.  We offer parenting support through a Zoom book club and a private Facebook group for conversation about parenting teens.

In the Aspire High Fellowship Program, we see students as individual human beings.  We are committed to sustaining a safe community where students can not only not do their schoolwork but also engage in the deeper work of figuring out who they are, what unique gifts they have to offer, and how to express those gifts in the world.

Come find out how amazing remote learning can be in the time of Covid!

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