High-quality academics.

Flexible, individualized education. 

Taking physical education, nutrition, and self-care seriously.

Doing incredible, experiential activities every week.

Attention to social and emotional development.

Encouraging creativity and the arts.

Soulful education.

  Great teachers.

How does that sound to you?

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What are we?

Aspire High is a tutoring service that coordinates and provides all or part of a high school experience for students and families who want both freedom and structure for their education.  


We offer first-rate academics in a holistic developmental framework that celebrates both individual excellence and a deep sense of belonging.  We are a small, tightly-knit learning community that cultivates disciplined minds, healthy bodies, vibrant spirits, and open hearts.  We offer clear, strong guidance and empowerment in these aspects of human life in order to maximize each person’s capacity to develop into their best self.  At whatever level students participate, they only attend if they really want to be here.  This level of personal commitment attracts highly engaged students ready to grow into their potential.  We partner with students and their parents in crafting a highly personalized educational program.  We remain intentionally small in order to allow for deep engagement, high levels of individual accommodation, and attention to the more subtle developmental needs and possibilities of each student.      


Every day we perspire together, respire together, and hopefully inspire one another to ASPIRE HIGH! 

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Let's Talk . . . 

About what you want out of a high school experience?


This isn't for everyone, but it may be for you.