Parental Support

Our Fellowship Program does not stop with the students.  We offer an Aspire High Parents' Zoom Club, where we read relevant articles and discuss the joys, opportunities, and challenges of parenting teens.  We also host a private online forum for parents to share with each other and communicate about issues that need to be addressed. 

Outside Classes

We are excited to find teachers and students that have offerings to share.   We will be seeking extra-curricular opportunities for our outdoor spaces.

On-campus currently, Joan Pinegar a beautiful garden program called The Educational Garden Project.  They grow vegetables, flowers in a gorgeous garden, and also have chickens, bees, and a greenhouse.  This is a place to dig in the ground, connect with nature, and learn to grow food.

Forest Floor runs outdoor programs from an adjacent building on the same grounds.  They also have blacksmithing classes on campus.

What are your ideas?

This is a space to dream, create, play, reflect, and grow... 


Come to "school"-    even in the time of Covid.

Get out of the house.

Have fun!

Get the support you deserve. 

Be a part of a  vibrant learning community.

Get high quality mentoring for your journey. 

Have your own, personal workspace with peers doing their own work all around you. 

Come to a amazing campus. 


Have real, in-person conversations about current events.  

Explore your potential. Find your gifts.  Learn how to share  them.

This is

Student-Centered Education.

 Done Right.

A Personalized Educational Experience



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