You pay Aspire High tutoring service to provide structure, support, and community for your high school student.  

Tuition for the 2020-2021 program is $600/month.  Families can also choose a customized schedule, which is $35/day.   Fall 2020 pay periods are 8/24-9/18, 9/21-10/16, 10/19-11/13, and 11/16-12/18.   Agreement is month-to-month for both parties. There is a $300 enrollment fee.  This fee includes access to a great facility between 8:15-3:45 Monday through Friday, daily check-ins with your child to set goals, weekly individual 30-minute mentoring sessions, daily Community Circles, and support for your child to write a weekly email checking in with you about successes and challenges.


If a student leaves the program mid-month, no refund will be offered.  Students may leave for a month and then return, but their spot is not guaranteed.  If the program needs to shut down due to Covid-19 or another unforeseen issue, refunds for the month will not be issued.  Andrew will offer personalized daily support, academic tutoring, and weekly mentoring sessions for the remainder of month, and these services will be offered at 70% of the original cost if the time that we cannot use the building lasts until the next monthly cycle.       


A student may not attend if the family is behind on payments.  This policy will be strictly enforced.

Families can leave at any time.  Aspire High asks for as much notice as possible if a family decides not to continue in the program.

A $300 non-refundable Enrollment Fee will be charged to all students who officially enroll in the program.  This fee is to account for the work involved in the enrollment process, since there is no commitment beyond month to month. 


The total cost for the Fall Semester is thus $2700 ($600 for September, October, November, and December, plus a $300 Enrollment fee. 

Come to "school" - even in the time of Covid.

Get out of the house.

Have fun!

Get the support you deserve. 

Be a part of a  vibrant learning community.

Get high quality mentoring for your journey. 

Have your own, personal workspace with peers doing their own work all around you. 

Come to a amazing campus. 


Have real, in-person conversations about current events.  

Explore your potential. Find your gifts.  Learn how to share  them.

This is

Student-Centered Education.

 Done Right.

A Personalized Educational Experience


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