Here's What We Do (In time of Covid)

  • School operates Monday through Thursday

  • Students arrive between 8-9

  • We will conduct brief temperature and symptom checks upon arrival

  • Optional yoga and meditation class between 8-8:45

  • Core Academic Classes from 9-12 each day, including English, Social Studies, Science, and Creative Projects

  • Math is off-site, and day/times will vary with each student

  • Lunch, Relaxation, and Socializing from 12-1

  • Afternoons will consist of: Individual and Group Study Time, Time for other pursuits (art, music, gardening, elective course offering, etc.), Personal Study Assistance, Individual Mentoring Sessions 

  • Two Group Circles per week in afternoons, where we focus on Social and Emotional Learning, as well as Building Community


Our plan is to keep it simple to start in this time of Covid, and let the program evolve with student and family interest. 

Check out these videos and photos of what we were doing before Covid.  While we won't be this close to each without masks this year, and the amazing trips are on hold, these videos and photos document the Spirit of Aspire High, a spirit that remains guiding to our Vision in this new form.   

A Vision for Education

At Aspire High, we seek to be the change we want in the world.  We cultivate a learning community that:

  • promotes personal growth, balance, and spiritual grounding;

  • embraces a deep responsibility for self, other, and planet;

  • models compassionate, brave communication;

  • sparks personal and communal creativity and joy;

  • inspires a love beyond fear;

  • teaches a habitual pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness;

  • and empowers virtuous action to create a better world.

In these pursuits, Aspire High aspires towards nothing less than furthering the cultural evolution of our species, both individually and collectively.


A Personalized Educational Experience


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