You pay Aspire High tutoring service to coordinate and execute all or some portions your child’s education.  


Tuition for the full program for 2019-2020 is $13,000.  This includes all core classes, YMCA membership, and all Experiential Seminar activities.  It does not include electives, required school materials (books, a computer, notebooks, etc.).  Food is also extra, and will be billed at $7 per day for high quality, mostly organic, breakfasts and lunches (Monday through Thursday).


If seeking only partial program, cost will be determined on an individual basis.  

Scholarships, up to full scholarships, are available.  There are limited numbers for students not paying full costs. These spots will be highly competitive.  Scholarships are determined by merit and need.  Special consideration will be given to students who bring exceptional talent and diversity (in all forms) to our program.  

When completing the application, simply write the maximum amount that your family could afford to pay for tuition.   


Additionally, this is an Educational Collective, so parents are expected to contribute on a regular basis to the program.  We will discuss volunteer opportunities and expectations individually, based on skills, interest, availability, and tuition being paid.  



Choose the classes and teachers that work for you.


Unleash your creative potential.


Like going to school every day.


Know that your teachers care.


Be a part of a  vibrant learning community.


Take your electives online.


Do projects that you want to do.


Get internships in a field that interests you.


Hike a mountain, and call it school.


Do service in your community, and call it school.


Learn how to do something you have always wanted to do, and get credit on  your transcript for doing so.


Crush your ACT and SAT because you've learned how.


Get into the right college for you.


Get high quality mentoring for your journey.


Be the creator of your own life.


The only limitations are those that of your own choosing . . . and the laws of physics.