Aspire High functions like a small private high school.  Aspire may become a private school in the future, as it is a very simply process.

Currently, Aspire High is a tutoring business.  You pay this business to provide all or part of a high school education for your student.  You will need to register as a homeschool with the state of North Carolina, if under 16 years old.  Aspire High provides support for this easy process.  We also provide transcripts and other official documents that you might want from your child’s “school.”  

Here is information from the state about homeschool.

Application and Acceptance Process

You (parent or student) contact us and we set up a time to talk.  Then we send you an application to complete.  The prospective student comes and spends a day with us.  All of us (parents, students, staff) decide whether it is a good mutual fit, working out the structure or details of an individualized program.  You pay a deposit, signing a contract to pay tuition for the academic year.


Aspire High has rigorous academics, tests, essays, etc. and promotes academic excellence and admission to the college of a student's choice. All students will get numerical grades in their classes that will be transferred onto a traditional 4.0 GPA scale.  These grades will go on official transcripts. 



Aspire High will provide official transcripts that include individual course grades, overall GPA, and significant school-related activities such as Service Projects.  Students will apply to college as homeschool students, with transcripts submitted from AAH.  Here is information about applying for college as a homeschool student.   

This article also describes the process. 


College Admissions

Aspire High seeks to prepare students to go to the college of their choice, if college is the chosen path.  When taking an alternative path, it is important to know the requirements for getting into college.  Here are the requirements for the UNC system.  Our job at Aspire High is to ensure that you get the courses and requirements that you need to get where you want to go.


2018-19 Academic Calendar

  • August 15-17 - Two-night backpacking trip

  • August 20 - Classes begin

  • August 24 - Listening Conferences (no Experiential Seminar)

  • November 21-25 - Thanksgiving break

  • December 14 - Fall Semester classes end

  • January 7 - Classes Begin

  • March 18-22 -  Spring Break

  • May 17 - End of school

  • May 20-24 - End of year trip



Students are required to acknowledge openly that they are choosing to be at Aspire High. Everyone associated with our program agrees to uphold the following principles:

  • Treat each member of the community with respect and consideration in all aspects of personhood, regardless of appearance, body, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, mental health, and neurological differences

  • Speak directly and compassionately to any member of the community with whom one has conflict

  • Seek, and be willing to participate in, mediation for issues that cannot be resolved through direct dialogue

  • Recognize that the owner of Aspire High tutoring services will make final decisions about student and parent issues, as well as curriculum.

Students agree to do the following:

  • Participate fully in exercise program Monday-Thursday from 8:30-9 at YMCA days a week

  • Sit well and participate fully in Morning Circle

  • Do FIRE journal before breakfast

  • Fulfill all cooking, clean, and shopping duties, finding a sub if absent

  • Use personal technology only for school uses until after lunch on Monday through Thursday, and not at all on Fridays

  • Attend and participate in all activities of the program, including Experiential Seminar, to the best of capability

  • Mentor with a faculty member on a weekly basis regarding goals, intentions, obstacles

  • Go on multiple-night outdoor experiences 2-3 times during year

  • Refrain from using nonprescription drugs with other students in the program

  • Respect decisions of teachers and adults in the moment, unless conscience requires otherwise.