Mindful Mentoring Program

A holistic, meditation-based mentoring program that promotes real growth in teens and young adults

I start with getting to know your child as a human being--what makes them tick, what struggles are they dealing with, and what goals they seek to achieve.  We then craft a personalized mentoring program to cultivate greater awareness, confidence, and resilience through mindfulness practices.  


In each session, I check in with the individual, give them space to share what is going on, and then lead them on a personalized, guided meditation to address the challenges and opportunities that are presenting themselves.  Whether your child is working through the basic challenges of being a teenager during a pandemic, or perhaps something more specific like anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, executive functioning challenges, or particular neurological differences, there are mindfulness practices that can help.  Each session requires being responsive to a real human being, beyond whatever label they have been given or are giving themselves, in order to open space for what is possible in that moment.


Much of my life has been an experiment in the contemplative arts, and my entire professional career has focused on the holistic development of children, teens, and young adults.  From being the primary care provider of my own children, to teaching Montessori preschool, to starting a Montessori middle school, to directing a high school, to many years as a college professor and high school basketball coach, my life has been spent teaching and mentoring young people through life’s challenges and helping them along their path.   My toolbox is deep, and at this point I am led by intuition as much as reason.   Beginning in 2006, I started each of my college classes with a brief meditation, and 15 years of practice later, guiding young people on meditations comes as naturally to me as breathing.  It is my capacity to deeply connect with young people that makes this mindful mentoring program successful.  Whether your child is truly struggling or simply not flourishing fully, Mindful Mentoring can be of service to your child’s development.  Commitment to the program is made for two weeks at a time.  If it is not working, then we adjust or stop.  If it does work, it may just change your child’s life.    

Contact me for a free parent consultation.  If there is mutual interest, a $50 consultation session with the student will be booked.  These consultation sessions will last between 60-90 minutes, either in person or on Zoom.  I will meet with the student, and then the parents will join the conversation to make sure that we are all on the same page.  After this, the services provided are outlined on the following page.

Services offered

Note: Every call includes a personal check-in, some form of meditation, and space to process the experience.  Other aspects of meetings may include accountability check-ins, goal-setting, reflecting on challenges and solutions, etc.  The time dedicated to each aspect depends on where the individual is at. All mentees will keep a journal ready to record important insights, goals, desires, commitments that they want to keep, etc. 


  • Level I 

    • 2 40-minute Zoom sessions a week 

    • Weekly email update to parents and mentee

    • $95/week, paid in advance 

  • Level II

    • 4 40-minute Zoom sessions a week

    • Weekly email update to parents and mentee

    • $180/week, paid in advance

  • Level III

    • 4 75-minute Zoom sessions a week

    • Weekly email update to parents and mentee

    • At this level of support, students will actually get support in executing goals during our time together.  We will be doing activities, like homework or weekly planning documents or whatever needs to be done, together.  We will also do a mindfulness practice each session.

    • $300/week, paid in advance 

  • Phone/Zoom Parental Consultations

    • Parents can book time, with or without their child present, to discuss issues, progress, goals, consult with other professionals, etc. 

    • $45 for 45 minutes

    • $75 for 90 minutes


Who really sees your child?

Who is helping them see themselves?

Andrew's Mindful Mentoring Bio

I discovered the power of meditation reading The Autobiography of a Yogi at 18 years old.  I sat in meditation every day that summer, and the journey to self-realization had begun in earnest.  
I also became a lifelong vegetarian at the same age for all of the right reasons--animal welfare, social justice, environmental concerns, etc.  My desire to 'walk the walk' in becoming the most evolved human being possible was strong, and it remains strong to this day, 30 years later.

I have taught high school on the Navajo Reservation, lived in Yogaville, earned a PhD in Philosophy of Religion, studied and practiced spiritual disciplines for my entire adult life, completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training with the amazing Lillah Schwartz, studied and taught Nonviolence Communication, and learned countless other methods for actualizing a more beautiful life.  The passionate pursuit of authenticity, meaning, and truth is integral to my identity.  I have worked through chronic anxiety, profound depression, and soul-shaking grief.  I am fearless in doing my own personal and interpersonal work, and I continually seek opportunities to grow and evolve.  

My life's dharma is to teach. My own evolution as a human being is intimately yoked with helping others locate and express their own unique gifts.  I feel immense gratitude that the ups and downs of my own life have carved a key that might help others unlock doors on their journeys to self-realization. We are here to serve each other.