Here's What We Do

  • Start each regular school day (4 days a week) at 8:30 AM with 30 minutes of CrossFit, individual workouts, or basketball at the downtown YMCA

  • Shower, get ready for school, and walk to the Masonic Temple

  • Have a morning circle, where we meditate and center as a community

  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast

  • Create individual, written intentions of what, when, and how for the day

  • Academic classes meet once a week for 105 minutes (10:15-12 daily)

  • Study hall from 12-1

  • Prepare lunch on a rotating basis, focusing on great nutrition and karmically enlightened food choices

  • Eat lunch every day together as a community, with a blessing on our meal from any of the great human wisdom traditions

  • A closing circle and chores after lunch

  • Attend math classes 

  • One-on-one weekly mentoring sessions to monitor progress in all aspects of a student’s life

  • Conduct a College Readiness class to focus on achieving exceptional success on college prep standardized tests for those seeking admission and scholarships to competitive college, and using that time for Life Readiness for those who don’t

  • Afternoons (when not in math, mentoring, or college readiness) are optional study halls 

  • Spend every Friday in “Experiential Seminar,” which involves doing outdoor activities, service to the community, and/or other non-academic activities (e.g. going to local cultural events or doing performances) to enrich learning and develop the whole person

  • Engage in service learning at Issac Dickson Elementary every other week

  • Allow each student to complete a Creative Project, entirely driven by interest

  • Encourage and support students in their pursuit of artistic opportunities within the Asheville community

  • Encourage and facilitate students to do an internship with a professional in their community

  • Take a 2 night backpacking trip to start the school year

  • Take a 4-5 night backpacking trip later in the school year

  • Offer dual enrollment with AB Tech


A Vision for Education

At Aspire High, we seek to be the change we want in the world.  We cultivate a learning community that:

  • promotes personal growth, balance, and spiritual grounding;

  • embraces a deep responsibility for self, other, and planet;

  • models compassionate, brave communication;

  • sparks personal and communal creativity and joy;

  • inspires a love beyond fear;

  • teaches a habitual pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness;

  • and empowers virtuous action to create a better world.

In these pursuits, Aspire High aspires towards nothing less than furthering the cultural evolution of our species, both individually and collectively.


Holistic, Student-Centered Education