Here's What We Do (In time of Covid)

  • School operates Monday through Friday

  • Space is open from 8-4 Monday through Friday

  • We will conduct brief temperature and symptom checks upon arrival

  • Students spend the morning doing remote classes and work, with study assistance available from a professional educator

  • Two indoor study spaces: Sanctuary (quiet) and the Co-Working Room

  • Students are free to study or socialize outside anytime

  • Lunch, Relaxation, and Socializing from 12:30-1

  • 1:00-1:30 Community Circle daily for students on-site (2 per week required)

  • Community Circle focuses on check-ins, community building,  social and emotional learning, and current events

  • Afternoons will consist of: individual and group study time, time for other pursuits (art, music, gardening,), Personal Study Assistance, Individual Mentoring Sessions 

  • Students write daily schedule and goals and have them visible at all times at workstation

  • Mentor checks in with each student on a daily basis

  • Students have scheduled individual 30-minute mentoring sessions each week

  • Mentor has access to all student academic work online

  • Students send weekly email to parents and mentor detailing their successes and challenges

  • Parents have the option to participate in a Zoom Club where we read articles and discuss the joys, opportunities, and challenges of parenting teens.

What happens if we get shut down?

  • We will continue the Aspire High Fellowship Program remotely until we can return to Haw Creek Commons

  • After even a couple of weeks, students and mentor will have developed a strong rapport.  These relationships will be valuable and sustained if a stay-at-home order is given, or positive Covid cases require the program to quarantine

  • Video technology will allow for personal daily video check-ins and 30-minute weekly mentoring sessions

  • Daily Circle will be a place for students to gather online

  • Mentor will still have access to all courses and assignments

  • Students will still be required to send parents a weekly email

  • If possible, we will gather outdoors, socially distancing, on a weekly basis

  • We will return to Haw Creek as soon as we can

  • Tuition will decrease to $500/month to reflect decrease in costs

While these images and videos reflect a pre-Covid program, they do convey the Spirit of Aspire High, a spirit that remains in our Fellowship Program.

A Vision for Education

At Aspire High, we seek to be the change we want in the world.  We cultivate a learning community that:

  • promotes personal growth, balance, and spiritual grounding;

  • embraces a deep responsibility for self, other, and planet;

  • models compassionate, brave communication;

  • sparks personal and communal creativity and joy;

  • inspires a love beyond fear;

  • teaches a habitual pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness;

  • and empowers virtuous action to create a better world.

In these pursuits, Aspire High aspires towards nothing less than furthering the cultural evolution of our species, both individually and collectively.


A Personalized Educational Experience


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