Asheville's Masonic Temple


Asheville's Masonic Temple, built in 1915, is a stunning location for Aspire High.


  • an incredible commercial kitchen to cook in each day

  • a magnificent banquet room to share lunches with each other and the finest guests we can conjure (we invite passsionate, amazing individuals to come dine with us)

  • a great theater to meditate and perform in

  • workspaces for students to do their work and have classes

  • a balcony that offers a beautiful spot to read or talk

  • proximity to the downtown YMCA (for daily exercise and showers)

  • internships in every area at our fingertips

  • all of the cultural events that downtown Asheville has to offer

This is a place to dream, think, and explore who you are and who you want to be.  ​

A Vision for Education

At Aspire High, we seek to be the change we want in the world.  We cultivate a learning community that:

  • promotes personal growth, balance, and spiritual grounding;

  • embraces a deep responsibility for self, other, and planet;

  • models compassionate, brave communication;

  • sparks personal and communal creativity and joy;

  • inspires a love beyond fear;

  • teaches a habitual pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness;

  • and empowers virtuous action to create a better world.

In these pursuits, Aspire High aspires towards nothing less than furthering the cultural evolution of our species, both individually and collectively.

Holistic, Student-Centered Education