Welcome to Creative Projects Spring 2020!

Hello! The purpose of the Creative Projects class is to provide space for young people to explore their interests and learn how to bring an idea of their own from genesis to expression. The “teachers” are merely here to provide support and guidance. The hope is that this structure stirs inspiration, aspiration, and the tenacity to find satisfaction in their own creative work. In reality, each of our lives is our ultimate creative project, and if teenagers can develop the capacity to both take responsibility for their own lives and trust in life's grand process, then they will likely be on the path towards a more fulfilling life. The students were not told what to present or how to present, beyond holding basic levels of decorum. We want THEM to see and evaluate the presentation of their own creativity, on their process of becoming who they want to be. Please enjoy the projects, see if you can spot the deeper intention or possibilities in each of the creative works, and ADD COMMENTS to reflect what you observe. Big gratitude to Kaia Crawley for putting together this webpage as part of her creative project! Thanks for viewing the projects.

- Andrew